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We can offer more opportunities and serve you better with key improvements from this campaign.

Training / Community Room

KVFC hosts several fire, EMS and other trainings per month for people statewide. A larger, updated training room provides more space for larger training classes, can serve as housing in the case of disaster, offers opportunity as a back-up command center, a state-of-the art training room allows for more efficient training, multi-purpose use and future upgrade opportunities, which saves money.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Adding a full kitchen and bathrooms creates an inviting atmosphere for members to spend time at the fire station increasing our number of responders around-the-clock. The station also becomes an emergency safe-house during disasters. Showers, toilets and laundry offer full facilities for disasters, a kitchen provides ability to feed disaster victims, functioning food and bathroom facilities are necessary for disaster recovery and also add appeal to members.

Conference Room

Building close relationships with community organizations is important to us. A conference room will help us do that by offering a place for community organizations to meet and bringing new people into our home for neighborly bonding. A conference room including professional meeting space and equipment helps us work with community organizations and neighbors. In turn, we learn more about how we can assist in local events and issues.

Power Generator

When the power goes out, the number of emergencies and accidents rise. A generator is simple yet critical for operating a fire station. It allows the station to continue operating during a disaster, can operate as a safe shelter when needed, provides water for drinking and showers. Adding a generator also allows our fire station to operate during the community's most critical need.

Modern Equipment Response Bays

Quick response includes more than just team members, it also includes exiting the fire station quickly and carefully. Modern engine bays create room between equipment reduces damage, accidents and injuries, storage saves money on replacing damaged gear prematurely, and regulated air venting for meeting federal standards. Updating response bays provide a safe working environment, easy maintenance
of equipment and proper storage for gear.

Offices & Dispatch

Strategically designed as the hub of the station, this core area will enhance flow of operations of the entire company. Improved sight lines of internal communication, secure administrative and technology infrastructure, efficient daily operations like training, team-building and responding and building security. A better managed fire station means response times decrease, morale and safety
improve and cost efficiency increases.