Why Give?

Why We Need Your Support

Providing invaluable assistance and education to our community and regional areas.

Membership Increases

The community we serve continues to grow and our membership continues to grow, but our firehouse remains the same having no renovations or upgrades since the 1980s.

Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company proudly has over 100 active members; compared to less than 30 members in its inaugural year. Also as our community has expanded, our membership base has expanded. Our volunteers no longer live less than two miles away to quickly respond to fire and emergency medical service (EMS) calls. After surveying our members, the majority of active members live between five and ten miles away, making it difficult to respond quickly to emergency calls without spending time at the firehouse.

However; we don't have much to offer them to stay. We have enough space to facilitate four bunk beds, making it diffcult for more than eight members to comfortably sleep at any one time.

Our Call To Serve Increases

Our Fire & Rescue Unit was busy with 1,035 response calls in 2010; compared to less than 100 during it's first year and in its inaugural year, the ambulance received 40 calls. Now, EMS has progressed to over 1,300 calls per year.

Working as an integral part of the Baltimore County Fire Service, Kingsville Volunteer EMS has been at the top of
Baltimore County's list in response rates since inception. We want to continue to excel in our service to the community, but our facility limits our ability to grow and house the appropriate equipment necessary to meet and exceed all expectations.

Learn more about how the capital campaign will help us better serve the community.