Campaign For Kingsville


The Kingsville Volunteer Fire Department (KVFC) will continue, today and into the future, to become the role model for all volunteer fire departments across the country with remarkable volunteer strength, hometown values and a county-wide reputation for excellence in providing fire and life saving protection to our community and surrounding areas. We also strive to provide the proper environment for our citizens to ulitize and embrace.

Core Values

KVFC continues its unwavering duty to protect and serve our community.

We strive to keep our community and its citizens safe from harm by providing well-trained personnel and the best equipment and facilities possible.

Commiting to the objectives of our mission, to serve in a prompt and skillful manner, allows us to fulfill our obligations professionally and honestly.

The commitment to perform our department's tasks requires excellence in character. Every day we strive to inspire each other through pride in our organization and its tradition.

Showing compassion for those in need, those who are suffering and those who have eperienced loss.

KVFC combines all the components of its Core Values to remain in a constant state of readiness to meet all the challenges and threats we encounter, now and in the future.