Campaign For Kingsville

Chair's Message

Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company (KVFC) has been providing much needed services to our local and neighboring communities for over 50 years.Each year, the number of people whose lives are affected increases, and our services are needed more and more. In 2010, we answered 2,384 fire and emergency medical service calls; compared to under 50 in our inaugural year.

It is our mission to provide help to any citizen in our community. At KVFC, we cannot afford to have a decline in our services simply because our facilitie is becoming inoperable. Because of the increasing need for assistance in our area, we have committed to the challenge and opportunity of expanding our facility so that we may fully serve the needs of our community's citizens. With this new space, we'll be able to serve more people each year, which will have a residual positive impact on the region as a whole.

The manner in which we meet this challenge will stand as a measure of our values and as a tangible statement of our commitment to the future of KVFC and the communities we serve.

We urge you to be a part of the renewal of the pioneering spirit that created KVFC over 50 years ago and built the wonderful company we are today. We are pleased to be chairing this capital campaign and are committed to ensuring that it not only reaches its ambitious goals but does so in a way that honors Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company's values and builds on the foundation created by those who came before.

Thank you,
Michael Berna & Stuart Miller